Ubuntu 12.04 ya tiene nombre: Precise Pangolin

UbuntuMark Shuttleworth ha dado a conocer el nombre de la futura versión de Ubuntu 12.04: Precise Pangolin.

En palabras textuales de Mark:

Now, I’ve recently spent a few hours tracking a pangolin through the Kalahari. I can vouch for their precision – there wasn’t an ant hill in the valley that he missed. Their scales are a wonder of detail and quite the fashion statement. I can also vouch for their toughness; pangolin’s regularly survive encounters with lions. All in all, a perfect fit. There’s no sassier character, and no more cheerful digger, anywhere in those desert plains. If you want a plucky partner, the pangolin’s your match. Let’s pack light for a wonderful adventure together.

Me mata de la risa la parte donde dice que el Pangolin regularmente sobrevive a encuentros con Leones… la referencia con la última versión de MacOS X Lion es más que evidente XDDD

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